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How To Write A Traffic Offense Appeal Letter

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    When you have been accused and charged for breaking traffic rules, you can appeal against the judgment made to you. The appeal should be done by writing a traffic offence appeal letter.

    The offense

    Start your letter by informing the reader the judgment that you are appealing against e.g parking offense. Be precise and clear.

    Give details

    Give more details of the penalty for which you are appealing. For instance, you can give reasons for which you were charged.

    Give evidence

    If there is any evidence, make sure you include it in your appeal to give it more backing. Such evidence may include receipts used during the transaction.

    Be professional

    Ensure that you are professional in your writing. Although you could be angered by the judgment made and maybe you feel it was unfair, be courteous in your letter. Do not let your temper become clear in your writing.


    Express positivity that you are expecting the best. However, this should be based on the details and evidence provided in the first stages of your letter.

    Traffic Offense Appeal Letter Template

    James Ken,
    6574, Kingston,

    Chief Magistrate,
    Civil Affairs Court,
    586, Kingston,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: Traffic Offence Appeal

    This writing is a formal appeal against penalty charged on 1st May 2012 on the basis of parking at the wrong lot.

    I am basing my appeal on the fact that there was no such a contravention because the car that I parking on the lot in question was dropping an employee of the company for which the lots are preserved.

    Kindly find the enclosed evidence that I would like you to use to that effect. In case you need more information you can contact me any time.

    I look forward to receiving a note informing me that the past charges have been dropped.

    Thank you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    James Ken

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