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Tenancy Termination Letter From Landlord

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    Looking for guide and template for tenancy termination letter? The ability to ownership of a property rests entirely with the landlord. A tenant signs an agreement to rent or lease a property for a specified or recurring time as indicated in the agreement.

    Should the landlord feel that certain sections of the agreement have been violated, he or she can end the contract and reposes the property. There are many reasons about why a landlord can end a tenancy agreement.

    A clause for terminating the contract agreement should be clearly stipulated in the contract document before it is signed by both parties. The nature of the tenancy termination letter from landlord depends on the grounds put forward.

    If the reason for termination is because the landlord would like to repose the property for other uses, the letter should have a friendly tone. Such a letter has to invite the tenant for further negotiation on the state of affairs.

    Nevertheless, a termination caused by breach of contract should feature aggressive sentiments threatening an eviction if the tenant fails to apply. The following is a sample tenancy termination letter from the landlord.

    How To Write A Tenancy Termination Letter

    (Name of Landlord)
    (Address of Landlord)


    (Name of Tenant)
    (Address of Tenant)

    Dear (Tenant Name),


    I wish to tell you that I have sold the residence to an investor who would like to transform it into a hospital. I know how you feel especially after a cordial relationship that has existed between us ever since you took over the property.

    For this reason, I have written to end the contract agreement and invite you to my office to discuss a compensation plan for relocation.

    The property is required within a period of one month; therefore we should make all effort to put the matter to conclusion so that you can find a new home.

    I will be waiting for you in my office in the shortest possible time. Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,


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