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Sample Scholarship Appeal Letter

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    A scholarship appeal letter is written by a student who has lost his or her scholarship due to various reasons. The letter is written to an organization or scholarship board asking them to reconsider their earlier decision that made them cancel the scholarship awarded to the student. Below is the format for the letter.


    Give your personal details including contacts first. Also include the reason about why you are writing the letter.


    Under this section, you need to make the reader of the letter to understand that in deed you need the scholarship and it is the only thing that is holding you back. Also tell the reader that you are willing to correct the situations that led to termination of the scholarship.


    You also need to convince the reader beyond any reasonable doubt that the scholarship will give you the help that you need. Besides, also give the reader an assurance that you will work hard to distinction if you receive the assistance.

    Scholarship Appeal Letter Template

    Corine Lucas
    4567, White Hart Lane,
    Canterbury, UK 4587

    7th May 2012

    Leonardo Parker
    National Director,
    Elites Scholarship Foundation,
    326 Bamboo Lane,
    Canterbury, UK 4587

    RE: Scholarship Appeal Letter

    I am writing this letter to submit to you my appeal for scholarship from your organization. I have seen the several people whose lives have been raised to success by the Elites Scholarship Foundation and in the same way; I also wish to be part of that success.

    I am willing to study Surgery at the University of Belington from where I have been offered a place but have not been able to attend all classes. I understand the terms and conditions of your scholarship and I also accept that I failed to give my full attendance.

    Lately, I had to stay at home with my sick mother just to make sure she recovers fully. I am now glad that she is well and I hope to attend all classes without fail.

    Attached is her medical report from St. Charles Hospital. Thank you in advance as I wait for your reply in anticipation.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Corine Lucas

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