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Resignation Letter For Harassment

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    A resignation letter for harassment is difficult to write. You are stating in writing that you are leaving your job because of the harassment. If you will be taking action regarding the harassment, such as suing for denied pay raises or being shifted to a lower paying position without cause, the resignation letter should briefly mention documented incidents like these.

    If you are considering leaving a job because of harassment, first bring up the matter with senior management or Human Resources. If that is insufficient or leads to repercussions, seek legal advice. Resigning due to harassment should not be your first choice. If you are writing a resignation letter due to harassment, add the line “CC:” and the list of whom else will receive a copy of the letter, such as the company’s Human Resources department or your attorney.

    In a resignation letter for harassment, avoid making unfounded accusations such as “this company promotes the incompetent and ignorant” or “the managers are criminal in tolerating behavior like this”. Do not make threats in the resignation letter, such as, “See you in court!” The letter should be polite, no matter how angry or hurt you feel.

    A resignation letter for harassment must include:
    • the date of the resignation
    • specifics of the harassment that prove why you cannot stay
    • how it has affected you, without becoming a long sob story
    • a formal statement regarding your resignation

    A resignation letter due to harassment may or may not contain a statement that you are willing to return if the situation improves. However, you shouldn’t say this out of courtesy if you aren’t going back.

    Be careful about what you consider harassment. A quality minded manager criticizing the poor quality of work may be doing his job, not bullying or harassing you. Personality conflicts may interfere with work, but they are not harassment.

    Take care with what you put in the letter, because it becomes part of your permanent record. It will be read by the manager in the least, the entire legal department and several managers if the accusations are serious and affect the entire organization. If you don’t want it on the front page of the magazine or published verbatim in legal documents, don’t put it in the letter.

    Resignation Letter Template For Harassment

    Manager Name
    Company Name
    Company Address

    Dear Mr. Manager,

    While working for XYZ, I have been subjected to ongoing sexual harassment. As the only female employee in the technical services group, I was on the receiving end of endless sexual innuendos. When I brought this up to the manager in June 2013, he said it was their way of socializing. The harassment worsened to include comments about my appearance, my weight and my marital status.

    While I would have liked to stay with the company, the harassment is unbearable. I would like to see preventive measures put in place to stop this behavior. Unless and until such measures are in place, I cannot attend to my duties and will stay home.

    If these measures are not taken within two weeks, I will consider the refusal to be my dismissal and act accordingly.


    Your Name

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