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Resignation Letter After Maternity Leave

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    Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most difficult times for the expectant mother. Not because of the restrictions of what she can do and what she cannot. It is the hormonal changes and the toll of pregnancy puts on her body.

    Therefore most of the woman who proceeds on their maternity leave, thinking that they can balance the work and taking care of the child, comes back to send their resignation letter after maternity leave. Maternity leave is the privilege of the woman who is expecting a child.

    Normally woman goes into maternity leave only few days before the expected date of delivery so that after they can be with the child for more several days who need nursing.It is a difficult time for the management also to juggle the work among the colleagues and somehow other they will do that thinking that the woman will come back for work after the maternity leave.

    But the toll of nursing the child has the effect on the mother and she will realize that she cannot manage both; working and taking care of the child at the same time. So it is necessary to explain to the management in some polite language about the situation and to tell the decision of resigning from the job. A sample resignation letter after maternity leave can be on the following lines.

    Resignation Letter After Maternity Leave Example

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    Dear Sir,

    I immensely thank you for your congratulation message which I have received soon after my delivery. My son is doing fine with the Grace of God. I am also thankful for your sanction of my maternity leave which enabled me to take good care of my child in the early days after delivery.

    Sir, I have believed with great hopes that I can manage the work as well as taking care of the child to the best of my ability. But I have realized after two months that the child needs my undivided attention from me which puts me in a very difficult position.

    For the benefit of bringing up him with care, I need to devote most of the day. So with great pain, I have to tell that I am resigning from the company with immediate effect from (date).

    Kindly accept this as my resignation letter and relieve me from my duties at the earliest.I am thankful for your professional and moral support during my tenure in the company.




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