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Reminder Letter For Appointment

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    Looking for reminder letter for appointment? Lack of proper communication skills could cost you the chance to meet some goals in life. It could cost you a potential client, and it could even cost you that promotion that you have longed for. This brings the importance of following a specific format when writing this type of letter.

    Remember, you are not just writing an ordinary letter. An appointment letter is always associated with a high sense of specialization and this is what is required of you.

    Appointments in whatever case need to be honored. In fact the effects of missing appointments can be dire. At times, it might concern your health where you need to see your doctor at a specific time and date.

    Some establishments send out reminder of appointment letters to their clients for this reason. When writing one the following format should guide you.

    Tone – When writing this letter, matters are kept professional.

    Length – Keep it brief. Brevity is of the essence because the subject is understood between the two people. Ensure that the document is manifestly professional. It should bear all hallmarks of the organization, logo, addresses and others.

    Content – Always mention the essentials; the day, time, and place of meeting. With this in mind your reminder letter of appointment should look something like this:

    Sample Appointment Reminder Letter

    XYZ Dental Services,
    Oak Wood Drive,
    New Jersey,
    P.O. Box 2222.

    Dear Ms. Daniels,

    Re: Reminder For Dental Appointment

    This letter is to remind you of your dental appointment that is scheduled on the 3rd May, 2013. You are slated to see the Dr. Richard at 3 p.m.

    Please remember to bring along the X-ray sheets, and remember there is a consultation fee of $50 charged prior to seeing the dentist.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Debby Robinson
    P.A to Dr. Richards

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