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Recommendation Letter From Landlord

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    Looking for recommendation letter from landlord? Most landlords are nowadays worried about the places they give for rent so they usually insist on a recommendation letter from a previous place you have lived.

    If you happen to write such a letter for your tenant you need to know what exactly information to include in it. You should mention some main things.

    The first is if your tenant paid the rent on the time and if not how often had it happened to him/her being late with it. You need to write it down if he/she has had problems with the neighbors and if yes what they were.

    The attitude of the neighbors usually talks much about the tenant’s character. Sometimes there are problems with people who bring pets in the rent lodgings so if he/she had one it is obligatory for you to share what the consequences were.

    Your personal view is the most important thing so say honestly what your relations were. As below is the sample recommendation letter from landlord.

    How To Write A Recommendation Letter As Landlord


    To Whom It May Concern:

    I give my reference to (tenant’s name) being his/her landlord. (Tenant’s name) lived at my apartment from (start date) to (end date) and during all that time I haven’t had any problems.

    (Tenant’s name) is a responsible person and always paid the rent every first day of the month. His neighbors have never complained of anything connected with his/her behavior.

    During all the time spent in this apartment he/she kept it clean and took care of the property inside. (Tenant’s name) has a small dog but as the neighbors never complained I suppose it was quite.

    I tried to surprise (tenant’s name) many times and see if there is something dirty or destroyed after the dog but I found nothing.

    I know how hard it is nowadays to find a good tenant so I recommend (tenant’s name) as an excellent and trustworthy one.

    Yours Faithfully,

    (Contact information)

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