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How To Write A Quotation Acceptance Letter

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    A quotation is an important document in the world of business. It is primarily defined as document that a vendor or a particular service provider gives to the customers, to describe the specific services or goods that they are selling and the costs for the same.

    It is also referred to as a bid or estimate. In response to the quote, a customer replies with an acceptance letter for quotation if they are interested in the goods or services of the provider.

    In the earlier times, quotations were created by handwriting. However, as time goes, the quotations are now being typed to give them a professional look.

    It is always nice to give a well-written overview of your agreement to suppliers quoting on a job. This is best expressed in an acceptance letter for quotation. When writing it, the formal and standard style for all business letters should be followed. It should be formatted correctly to give it a professional look.

    As a standard rule, the letter should always be brief. This means that only the most important details should be included. This includes the tentative dates when you are planning a meeting with them.

    The personal addresses of both the company as well as the addresses for the recipient should be included. Here is a good sample acceptance letter for quotation.

    Quotation Acceptance Letter Format

    Kim Carter
    Store Manager
    ABC Limited
    204, Main Street
    Boston, MA 02123

    3rd March 2012

    John Baraka
    Procurement Officer
    Roofing Systems Limited
    Standard Street
    Boston, MA 275858

    Dear Sir,

    On behalf of ABC Limited, I hereby write this letter to inform you that we have accepted your quotation on our roof remodeling project. We have read and understood your quotation as well as your terms of agreement.

    We will meet on 10th March 2012 so that we can discuss the project and see the way forward. We look forward to doing business with your company and hope for the very best. Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Kim Carter

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