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How To Write A Purchase Order Cancellation Letter

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    A purchase order cancellation letter is quite common document in business world. This kind of letter is written to inform a supplier about the cancellation of some of the ordered goods.

    This mostly happens when a supplier delays the delivery of goods that have been ordered and paid for. It can also be written when one has ordered the wrong goods and needs to make corrections before the order is processed.

    When a supplier fails to deliver the goods purchased on the agreed date, one may cancel the order professionally through writing this letter. Though one may be disappointed in case of such delays, they should make sure that the letter is polite.

    As a matter of fact, being rude will only make the situation worse hence one should try to keep their cool when writing the letter. Being polite does not however mean being soft, one should make sure that they are firm and clear.

    It should be kept brief and straight to the point. Here is a sample of a purchase order cancellation letter to guide you through.

    Purchase Order Cancellation Letter Template


    From: Lilian Jones
    Managing Director
    XTY Limited
    2345-786, Main Street
    456-980, Miami

    To: The Supplies Manager
    Office Supplies Limited
    098-045, Main Street
    789-123, Miami

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I hereby write this letter to cancel the order (reference number: 7/DFT/345/2012) that was sent to you on 27th January 2011.

    As per agreement, the goods were to be delivered on or before 24/02/2011. However, four days a letter I am yet to get a formal notice why the goods have been delayed.

    I wish to cancel the order to avoid further inconveniences. I also request that you credit my account with the full refund, according to the agreement that we both signed.

    Feel free to contact me in case of any questions about this cancellation. Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Lilian Jones

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