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Parking Offense Appeal Letter

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    When you commit a parking offence, you will be fined for breaking the parking rules. However, you may feel that the fine charged or punitive measured imposed on you is not fair. In that case you may write a parking offence appeal letter in addressing to traffic authorities.


    Start your letter by referring to the punishment imposed on you. This could be a receipt for the charged fine.

    Explain the situation

    Give an explanation of what happened and why you feel that you do not deserve the punishment imposed upon you.

    The way forward

    Give your opinion on what you think should be done to make sure that a fair judgment is delivered.

    Be polite

    Make sure that as you write your letter, you are not rude to the address. Do not express anger for any punitive measure imposed on you even if you feel like it was not fair.

    Parking Offense Appeal Letter Template

    Garcia Stephenson,
    657, Cornerstone Street,

    Senior Magistrate,
    Civil Affairs Court,
    895, High Rise,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: Parking Offense Appeal

    I am writing to you in reference to the parking fine charged on 7th May 2012 along Cornerstone Street with receipt no. 256384.

    I drive a company trailer that I usually halt along this street. I have parked it for over three years along this street and I have never been fined before. However, traffic police did fine me this time despite the fact that there was no board warning drivers not to park vehicles along that street.

    Kindly investigate the matter before passing your judgment. If possible, I request that you lift the fine imposed upon me. I am ready to offer more information when contacted.

    I will appreciate any help given to me. Thank you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Garcia Stephenson

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