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  • Resignation Letter To Manager
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    A resignation letter to manager level personnel is the appropriate way to resign from your job.

    As satisfying as yelling “I quit” and storming off may be for a time, it doesn’t meet the legal requirements for a formal resignation. Leaving without notice could cause loss of unpaid vacation and sick leave, deductions from your last check and burn bridges with the company.

    A resignation letter to a manager should include:
    • a clear statement that you are resigning
    • your last date of employment

    A resignation can include your reasons for leaving. However, you can simply state that you are leaving for personal reasons. Regardless of the reason why you are leaving, it is important to remain formal and professional. Your resignation letter becomes part of your personnel file.

    As the need arises, it may be shared with Human Resources manager, the legal department and anyone else with whom it is necessary. A resignation letter accusing the company of malfeasance or criminal actions on the part of specific individuals may even become public record as part of a defamation lawsuit against you.

    You can state that you are willing to help out during the transition, but only say this if you are willing to actually do so. A resignation letter containing appreciation for the experience the job provided can improve the mood surrounding your departure. Bragging about the higher paying job you’ve received or the promotion you accepted at another firm does not.

    A resignation letter should not have:
    • profanity
    • insults
    • threats to reveal company secrets
    • demands that the company change corporate culture or punish individuals
    • everything you wished your manager would hear
    • any admission of wrongdoing or bad behavior on your part

    Resignation Letter Template To Manager

    Your Name
    Your Contact Information

    Company Contact
    Company Address

    Dear Mr. Manager,

    After careful consideration, I am tendering my resignation. My last day will be on the 30th of the month.


    Your Name
    Your Signature