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  • Authorization Letter To Sell Property
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    An authorization letter to sell property is written by the property owner to give the holder of the letter the authority to grant permission for the sale of a given property. In other words, the property owner is passing over the power of attorney to a third-party to access, determine and sell of the property.

    Such circumstances often occur when the property owner possesses property in a place (s) where he does not reside, making it very difficult to be physically present to handle any transaction. He, therefore, may decide to authorize a relative, a lawyer, property agent, or a friend to handle the sale on his behalf. The letters are legally accepted and serve as a great tool to get the sale of the property done even if you are not personally present to oversee the deal.

    There are a few tips to take note of when writing an authorization letter of sell property:

    • The letter should be simple and crisp. A lengthy letter might lose its importance.

    • It should clearly indicate the full name of the person being entrusted with the sale.

    • The letter should carry the date when the letter is issued.

    • You don’t have to indicate an expiry date choose to leave the letter open-ended so that it is used until you say otherwise.

    Sample Authorization Letter To Sell Property

    Date: 25 July, 2014

    To Whom It May Concern,


    I, the undersigned, hereinafter referred to as the owner of the property Park Side Villa along the Norm Voy Estate, hereby authorize Mr. Donald Leonard of LEONARD AND CO. REAL ESTATES as the REALTOR, to access, evaluate, present and sell out the above mentioned property to the prospective buyers.

    Being my official agent in his sale, Mr. Donald Leonard has the powers to look into and make changes in the transaction terms and conditions where necessary. Should a prospective buyer comes to an agreement with Mr. Donald on terms which are acceptable to me, a fee of 5% of the total sale amount will be given to Mr. Donald for his services.

    I write this letter, therefore, to grant him full authority to represent my interest during the sale of the property. This authorization letter shall remain valid until further notice is issued from me.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Joyce Chu
    Owner of Park Side Villa
    Email: joycechu@yahoo.com
    Phone No.: 08-8881-342