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  • Sample Maternity Leave Letter
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    With great expectations a pregnant mother looks forward to her maternity leave. Moving around with the baby in the tummy is indeed a trying time despite the considerate travelers offering their seats and the colleagues sharing some part of the work.

    A pregnant woman will make her presence in the office before going on the maternity leave. This will help to have more days to nurse the new-born child with husband. There are liberal rules as far as the maternity leave is concerned.

    Still a maternity leave letter should be written in a suitable format so that it will be sanctioned immediately. A sample pregnancy leave letter is given here.

    Maternity Leave Letter Template

    (Sender Name)
    (Sender Title/Position)
    (Sender Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)


    (Supervisor Name)
    (Supervisor Title/Position)
    (Recipient Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Dear Sir,

    I have already written a thank you note to you for your presence and gift on the baby shower party we hosted the last week. Let me once again thank you for your thoughtfulness in selecting the gift for my baby.

    Sir, with this I have attached my maternity leave letter in the prescribed format from (start date) to (end date). As you have requested I have made my presence in the office as far as possible for me to move around.

    Further I have trained two of the new apprentices posted to my department about the work I used to handle. As the expected date of delivery is nearing I am finding it bit of a strain to move around.

    Since this is my first delivery doctors advice me to be bit cautious one week before the expected date of delivery.

    So I have applied for leave from (start date) to (end date). I request you to sanction my maternity leave and forward it to the HR Department.

    Yours Sincerely,