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Mortgage Hardship Letter Template

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    Looking for guide and template for mortgage hardship letter? When you get a mortgage loan, all hopes are that you will repay it without default. However, there are many hardships likely to affect your financial position including death for a member of the family, illness, loss of employment, burglary, fire, wars and earthquakes.

    Borrowers will get so stressed that some of them will file for bankruptcy. Nevertheless, a mortgage loan modification can help your business get back on footing.

    The best idea is to write a mortgage hardship letter explaining the causes of hardships and your present financial position. Do not just write any how otherwise your request may be rejected.

    You can browse the internet for a mortgage hardship letter template containing existing information that will help you. When filling out a mortgage hardship letter, explain the causes of hardship so that the lender can sympathize with you.

    It is upon you to suggest the possible solutions to get out of the financial crisis when requesting for a mortgage loan modification. Below is a sample of a mortgage hardship letter.

    Sample Mortgage Hardship Letter

    John Low,
    ABC Manager,
    36F Manhattan,
    New York 30500.


    Credit Division Manager,
    (Creditors Company Name)
    (Creditors Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Please accept my apologies for not being able to meet the mortgage repayment plan as agreed on at the beginning. I wish to bring to your attention a fire that gutted down by jewelry shop and it is not clear whether the insurance company will have it replaced soon.

    My family is interested in the house and we do not contemplate selling it. For this reason, I seek to renegotiate the terms and schedule of repaying the mortgage loan with your company.

    A positive settlement will go a long way to help both of us continue in business. I will be grateful for your positive considerations.

    Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,


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