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Invitation Letter Template For Visitor Visa

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    If you have a friend living far away who needs a visa to come and see you, you need to know you should first write an invitation letter for visitor visa.

    Depending on the country you live and the one your visitor comes from, you may find many letter template on the Internet, which will help you with the information you have to include when writing the letter.

    For example, you live in the USA your friend will need this letter for the interview in the US consulate together with the other documents needed.

    The letter below is one, which will give you the basic clues on how to formulate your letter.

    Example Of Invitation Letter For Visitor Visa


    (Sponsor’s name)
    (Full address)
    (Contact information)

    (Visitor’s name)
    (Visitor’s address)

    Dear (Visitor’s Name),

    I am writing this letter to confirm your visit at my place. As we last spoke, I will graduate next month so my strong desire is to be with you on this really special occasion.

    You should not bother about accommodation, as I am able to accommodate you for the duration of your stay. As I know, you had never been to the USA before, my friends and I have prepared a list with the places we have to visit.

    This way you will learn more about American culture, history and people. I am sure you have seen many places on the television, which you want to see in live.

    I suppose during the month you will stay with us we will be able to visit all of them. I hope you will be able to come.

    I will be taking care of all the expenses during your stay at the USA including the food, housing, medical insurance and everything else you need.

    (Sponsor’s name)
    (Sponsor’s signature)

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