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Invitation Letter Template For Immigration

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    An invitation letter for immigration is addressed embassy or consulate where your foreign guest will be requesting for a visa to visit your country.

    However, the letter should be sent to the guest and not to the embassy. On receiving the letter, your guest presents it as part of the documents during application process for a tourist visa, to convince the interviewers that he or she will be able to return to the country of origin.

    If you want to write a letter of immigration that will help your guest convince the embassy, use an invitation letter template for immigration. Templates make it easy to get the task accomplished quickly without mistakes.

    Any mistakes in such a letter will affect the visa acquisition process. When you write an invitation letter for immigration, let the embassy know more about you and your status in society.

    The following is sample invitation letter for immigration addressed to a United States Embassy.

    Sample Invitation Letter For Immigration

    (Your Address)


    The Head Of Department
    Visa Acquisition Department
    United States Embassy, (Name the country)

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    RE: INVITATION FOR (name your guest)

    I write to inform you that I have invited (name your guest) from (name the country) as my guest for a period of (state the exact period of stay).

    My visitor (give names) is expected to arrive in the country from (state the date of arrival), and expected to leave on (state date of departure).

    I wish to bring to the attention of the Embassy that my annual income is over (state the amount) and will be able to look after my visitor for all that time he will be in the United States.

    I also wish to inform the Embassy that I have known (state the name of visitor) for (state the period) and he is a disciplined person who will not over stay

    I will appreciate any help given to (visitor’s name) during the visa acquisition process.

    Yours Faithfully,
    (Your names, position and signature)

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