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How To Write An Invitation Acceptance Letter

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    When you are invited to any event, it is important to respond so that the people who are making the invitations can know if you will be attending. This not only helps you in making proper arrangements but also shows that you are courteous enough to respond. An invitation acceptance letter is written with the primary purpose of letting people know if you will be attending a particular event or not.

    In the letter, one should express happiness about attending the event and they should not forget to say that they are looking forward to spending time with the loved ones. The common rules should always apply.

    This include, being gracious, identifying what you are accepting in brief, keep the tone of the letter positive and thank the persons for being of great help to you.

    As a rule of thumb, this letter should be brief, simple but focused for easy understanding. Though formalities are not as important in social events such as weddings, invitations to formal business events should be kept professional.

    One should also make sure that there are no typos or even grammatical errors. To effectively close the letter, one should restate their appreciation for being invited to that particular event. Here is a sample of such an invitation acceptance letter.

    Invitation Acceptance Letter Format

    Jane Doe
    3647-7878, Gem Street
    28-784, New York City, NY

    13th January, 2012

    Kelvin Gerard
    233-455, Main Street
    123-56. New York City, NY

    I am honored to be invited for your wedding that is taking place on Saturday, 30th of March. I will attend with my husband.

    I look forward to seeing you on that day, and I extend my congratulations for this amazing milestone in your marriage. With all our lost friends, I believe it will be a great reunion.

    Thanks again for the invite and see you then.

    Best Regards,
    Jane Doe

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