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Interview Invitation Reply Letter

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    Looking for guide and template for interview invitation reply letter? It is very important to respond to any correspondence sent by a potential employer. It will show that an individual is organized and responsible.

    Replying to an interview invitation letter will also allow the employer to gauge how many people are planning on arriving for the interview. It also allows another opportunity to stand out from the crowd and perhaps request more information on a company or business.

    The invitation letter should always be answered promptly. It is also important to respond even if you do not plan to attend the interview, as again it will leave the interviewer with a positive image and you may need to apply for a position with the same employer in the future.

    In either accepting or declining an interview the letter should be well presented and in a professional and clear manner. The letter should be fairly brief and to the point.

    Many choose not to reply at all and miss out on another chance to form a favorable impression. A well-crafted invitation reply letter should look like as below.

    Sample Interview Invitation Reply Letter

    Dear (Name of interviewer if known or Sir/Madam),

    I am writing in response to an invitation to an interview letter that I received on (date). I wish to inform you that I shall/shall not be attending.

    Thank you for allowing me this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to meeting you on (date) at (time) am/pm.

    If you do not plan to attend the interview replace the two lines above with.

    I wish to thank you for offering me this wonderful opportunity, however, I will not be attending the interview on (date). I wish you every success in your search for the ideal candidate.

    Yours Sincerely,


    If you plan to attend the interview the above letter will convey confidence and not arrogance and will be well received by an employer.

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