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Sample Rejected Application Appeal Letter

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    When you send an application, it may be rejected by the recipient. This could be on a number of reasons that may be explained in the response. In that case, you may want to appeal against the rejection. You should do this via a rejected application appeal letter.


    Give the reader details of your reference. This refers to the reasons for which you are writing to them.


    Give evidence for your move or situation. For instance, why you applied for a job that you do not meet all qualifications it requires.

    The way forward

    Give views of what you think should be done. How you can make the issue workout both for you and the recipient.

    Express positivity in your writing

    Let the reader see that you are optimistic that things will work out well. Let them see the logic behind your application.

    Rejected Application Appeal Letter Template

    Lucy Kelly
    7465, Jefferson Lane,

    Human Resource Manager,
    Jean & John Outsourcing,
    876, Kriggler Holdings,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: Appeal For Rejected Application

    I am writing to you in reference to the rejected application notification that I received on 1st May 2012. I had applied for the post of a senior office clerk’s job.

    According to the notification, I do not have the 3 years’ experience required for the candidates of the position. However, I have worked in a similar position for two years and one year as a deputy office clerk. I failed to show that in my CV because the job advertisement didn’t allow for that.

    I also work under an accounting department for six months while on my internship. I hereby request you to reconsider your decision to reject my application. I am a fast learner and you will not regret giving me an opportunity to serve your company.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Lucy Kelly

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