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How To Write A Tenancy Cancellation Letter

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    A letter of tenancy cancellation is the one you can write to your landlord if you are not ready to continue using the premises. The agreement must have provisions and procedures through which you are allowed to end your tenancy.

    You have to write a tenancy cancellation letter to avoid legal claims that may arise even after you have handed over the property.

    Address the tenancy cancellation letter to the landlord before the expiry of the agreement; it should specify a breach that merits termination. Try to check the agreement and outline any areas that lead to breach by the landlord.

    Otherwise, the landlord will seek legal redress so that you may pay all the costs accruing to loss of business. The letter is a legal document that must not attack the personality of the recipient.

    The following is a sample of a tenancy cancellation letter to the addressed to Mr. Kongolo by his tenant.

    Tenancy Cancellation Letter Template

    6th May 2012

    Dear Mr. Kongolo,

    I am writing to inform you that I have terminated my tenancy with you owing to a breach in the agreement from your side, and I plan to vacate the premises not later two weeks after you received this letter.

    I request that you set up a date for a meeting that will help us come to a settled agreement without resorting to legal redress. In this way, we shall accurately decide whether there are consequences that may lead to penalties on either side and find the best possible means to come to a settlement.

    I am also requesting your team to carry out an inspection of the property in my presence to decide the apparent damages before my departure.

    Please contact me as soon as possible on the address indicated within the contract agreement.

    Yours Sincerely,
    James Myers

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