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How To Write A Lease Cancellation Letter

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    Before writing a lease cancellation letter, involve your legal advisor to decide whether you are within the legal framework. Such a letter is a legal document that can act as a basis for securing an eviction order from court. Each state and country has specific rules and regulations governing the tenant-landlord relations, with set out penalties.

    If you are a landlord and intend to end the lease agreement, you should study the contract document and outline the specific areas leading to breach by the tenant.

    It is advisable to write a series of warning letters prior to issuing such a letter. The reasons for cancellation should be indicated, stating sections and clauses of the contracts document breached.

    Reasons leading to lease termination may include none payment of rent fees, wrong use of property, and none payment of utility bills. The tenant should be served with a lease cancellation letter to strength your position when seeking an eviction order.

    The following is a sample of a lease cancellation letter issued by the landlord to a tenant:

    Lease Cancellation Letter Template

    (Name of the landlord)
    (Address of the landlord)


    (Name of the tenant)
    (Address of the tenant)

    Dear (Tenant’s name),


    Owing to a series of warning about your breach of contract (mention sections and clause), I wish to inform you that this day of (mention date, month and year), your lease to property (mention particulars of property and location) has been cancelled.

    You are hereby given (mention period) to vacate the property without fail, beyond which you will be forcefully evicted at your expenses and shame. However, our office will welcome your appeal to this letter not letter than (mention date, time and address).

    This letter should be considered as a matter of urgency to avoid further inconveniences.

    Yours Sincerely,
    (Landlord’s name)

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