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How To Write A Contract Acceptance Letter

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    Corporate deals require one to sign contracts in the world of business. The contracts outline various duties and responsibilities for the person being hired as well as the terms and conditions of work. When an employer considers a particular person for the contract, he or she is expected to write to them a contract acceptance letter.

    A contract acceptance letter informs the contractors that they have been chosen for the open position. The format for writing this letter is quite simple. All that one needs to do when writing the letter is to make sure that there are no any grammatical errors or typos.

    The most effective way to do this is make sure that you go through the letter at least two times. One should also make sure that they use a professional and polite tone.

    While concluding the letter, be sure to thank the person for having expressed interest in the position. You can also reassure them that you will do your best to meet part of the requirements. Here is a good example of contract acceptance letter.

    Contract Acceptance Letter Format

    James Donalds,
    Great Automobiles,
    586673, Sesame Street,
    California, CN 4294

    17th November 2010

    Peter Parker,
    General Manager,
    Regal Electrics,
    35522, Hill Avenue,
    Averroes, GA 421

    Dear Sir,

    Subject: Contract Acceptance Letter

    On behalf of the management of Great Automobiles, I am pleased to inform you that the company has decided to offer you a one year contract. This letter is also a reminder that we expect you to supply with electrical fittings and appliances and other electrical devices for use in our new premises. The full details of the contract are listed in the attached business agreement.

    We have decided to offer the contract to you because of your pleasant record that has been pointed to be free from scandals and one that is full of achievements.

    We believe that you will not dash our hopes and we look forward to having a great working relationship with you.

    On our side, we pledge to honor our part of the contract and we believe that you will also play your part. Thanking you for having expressed interested in working with us.

    Yours Sincerely,
    James Donalds

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