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Hardship Letter Template For Short Sale

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    Looking for guide and template to hardship letter for short sale? You may have borrowed a loan to buy a home but before completing its repayment, you encounter hardships that will hinder you progress.

    Many people at this time are confused and will just sit back and wait for bank action. This is a bad idea because the bank is much more likely to auction the property at a fee that does not meet debt repayment.

    The borrower is obliged to clear any outstanding balances after auctioning the property. If you encounter such a situation, the best idea is to get a buyer and inform the bank about it.

    If you realize that the property will not attract enough amounts to cover the loan, write a hardship letter for short sale to the bank. In the letter, show cause to sale but keep up a humble and friendly tone.

    The big question here is how the letter should be written. Try to make use of our hardship letter template for short sale.

    The template comes complete with designed information and you will only need filling in some truths to make it suit your condition. Below is the template for a hardship letter for short sale.

    Sample Financial Hardship Letter

    Jim Joy
    Internet Solutions Limited
    P. O. Box 31 Manitoba Canada

    The Credit Department Manager
    Manitoba Credit Bank
    Manitoba Canada

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    RE: Hardship letter for short sale of my home

    I would like to bring to your attention the bad financial position I am experiencing after a fatal accident two months ago. I wish to inform you that my left leg is still under plaster and I have not yet been able to resume work.

    However, it would affect my credit score with your Institution if I did not settle my credit. As a result, I have contacted a real estate dealer to sale off the property at short notice.

    Unfortunately, the buyer is offering a lower amount that would be required to cover the loan. Please, let us enter into fresh negotiations about the loan to help me settle my accounts with you.

    I will be very grateful if my request is put into consideration. Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Jim Joy

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