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Gym Membership Cancellation Letter

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    At one time or the other, you may find it necessary to cancel a gym membership. This mainly happens when you are moving to a faraway place, hence the need to cancel the current gym membership.

    When cancelling the membership, you will have to write a gym membership cancellation letter. However, you should make sure that when you are writing the letter, no terms or conditions are violated.

    For example if the contract dictates that your membership should last for one year, you should see to it that all the fees for that year are paid in full before the letter is sent out to the management.

    A polite tone should be used all through the letter. To make it formal, the standard format of writing letters should be followed. Here is a sample of a gym membership cancellation letter.

    Gym Membership Cancellation Letter Example

    27th October 2010

    From: Mr. John Bobby
    49 High Street
    Beverly Hills 90210

    To: The Management
    Amazing Gym and Fitness Center
    50 Main Street
    Beverly Hills 90210

    Subject: Cancellation Of Gym Membership

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I write this letter as a formal notice to you about cancelling my gym membership at your center. I have been a member at this center for the four years now. However, due to unavoidable circumstances I have to cancel the annual membership at this center.

    Last week, I was offered a job in another state hence bringing the need to move from this place. I have informed you in advance for you to make the necessary refunds for the remaining two months for this year’s membership.

    I would also request you to clear my name from the data base so that I will not be charged for the gym membership.

    Thank you for your excellent services and your understanding. I hope to receive a positive response from you soon.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr. John Bobby

    This cancellation letter can be edited and used for golfer who wants to cancel his/her membership as well.

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