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Golf Membership Cancellation Letter

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    Golf is a great game that gives its players the greatest sporting experience. For this reason, most people enroll for a golf membership in a local club near their area of residence. However, some circumstances may force one to cancel such a membership. Such a cancellation is, in most cases, due to relocations.

    If one is relocating, there is need to give a formal notice to the golf club to tell the management about the intentions of cancelling the membership. Such a notice is effectively given through writing a golf membership cancellation letter.

    Just like with most letters, this letter follows the standard format of writing formal letters. You should clearly state the reason for such termination as well as the date that the cancellation should take effect.

    If the agreement signed earlier allows for refunds, please remind the management to send such refunds to the respective accounts. When ending the letter, make sure that they thank the management for the continued support as well as wish them the very best in their endeavors.

    Do not forget to apologize for any inconveniences. Here is an example of a golf membership cancellation letter.

    Golf Membership Cancellation Letter Template


    From: James Blunt
    567-789, Waiyaki Street
    Moshi, Tanzania

    To: The Management
    Moshi Golf Club
    234-56, Yeppy Street
    Moshi, Tanzania

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I hereby write this letter as a formal notice to cancel my annual membership to the Moshi Golf Club. I have been a member for three years and I recently got a better job in a different country. I need to relocate as I am supposed to report to the new work place two months from now.

    Throughout the time I have been a member, I have enjoyed your services as well as support. The cancellation should take effect from 01/11/2012.

    As I sort myself out, I wish to request that you send the refunds for both November and December this year to help make the transition smooth.

    This is in accordance to the agreement I signed, as I have given a one month notice, prior to the cancellation. I apologize for any inconveniences and wish you the best in future. Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,
    James Blunt

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