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How To Write A Financial Aid Appeal Letter

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    When you have financial difficulties, you may apply for financial aid. During the first application, you may not be considered yet you feel you that you qualify for it. In that case, you can use a financial aid appeal letter asking the responsible authorities to reconsider their decision.

    Your first application

    Inform the reader about the first application that you sent. Tell them about the response that you got and how you felt about it.

    Financial difficulties

    Explain to your reader financial challenges that your family is going through. Try to convince the reader that the decision made about your application needs to be changed.

    Possible consequences of the decision

    At this point, tell the reader how the decision by then awarding authorities not to consider your application is likely to affect you negatively. In addition, let the reader see how determined you are to make sure that the financial aid that you get do will not go to waste.

    The way forward

    Explain to the reader what you think should be done. Also express your hopes that the awarding committee or authorities will re-consider their decision. However, use a humble and a courteous tone in your writing.

    Sample Financial Aid Appeal Letter

    Jimmy Kennedy
    St. Lawrence Street,
    3450, 6th Avenue

    14th May 2012

    St. George College
    Financial Aid Appeal Committee
    7856, St. George College

    Dear Committee Members,

    RE: Appeal For Financial Aid Award

    I have applied for financial aid in the past and I appreciate the award I have been given in the past. However, I cannot afford to continue with my studies at St. George College with the amount I have received this year.

    I come from a financially unstable family. There has also been a drastic change in our family making it impossible for our parents to pay our school fees. My family is always struggling to pay daily bills making it hard to borrow loans to fund our education.

    If I do not get this financial aid, I am likely to discontinue with my studies. Nevertheless, if you award me this financial aid, I will use it and succeed in my education. I have produced excellent results in the past and I am even aiming higher.

    I am optimistic that you will you will re-consider your decision and help me carry out my goal by awarding me financial help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Jimmy Kennedy

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