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Excused Absence Letter Template

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    Looking for sample excused absence letter? The primary aim of this letter is to give a valid reason on why an absence is necessary.

    There are simply times where missed time from work is necessary, and most of the time it is unplanned. The excused absence letter is one that states this clearly for management and makes record that the employee is complying with policy and procedure.

    The letter should be addressed and copied to all parties involved. Proper titles and salutations should be used and a copy forwarded on a timely manner.

    If the excused absence is at some point in the future time, then it should state clearly which dates are the absence has to be implemented.

    Remember to proofread and eliminate grammar plus spelling errors in the end of excused absence letter writing.

    Sample Excused Absence Email


    Re: Excused Absence, mm/dd/yr

    I am requesting the above date to be an excused absence for the following reason(s):

    If there are any more questions about this request, please contact me at: (phone, email,)

    This template would serve as a general letter for excused absences that are for no more than two to three days. Any longer requests would probably involve a FMLA or some medical issue that needs to have more information and documentation.

    The most important thing to remember is that an excused absence is an occurrence that is seldom and unexpected. The letter simply states that this has occurred beyond the employee’s control and that there is not another occurrence that is expected related to this event. For the most part, an excused absence will be accepted by most employers without any difficulty.

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