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Example Of University Acceptance Letter

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    Getting a chance to join the university is probably one of the most exciting moments for any serious student. This letter is sent to the university’s administration, thanking them for giving you the chance to join the school, as well as letting them know that you are available.

    When writing this letter to the respective university, one should express gratitude for being given the opportunity to join the institution. When doing this, the letter should be kept brief and concise.

    Though the chances to join campus are limited, you should avoid being boastful for having managed to get a place in the institution. The tone should be made formal and the language should be polite.

    To make sure that the letter has a professional look; one should make sure that there are no any grammatical or typing mistakes. To close the letter, one can thank the school’s management for such a chance as well as assure them that they will do the best they can while in the school.

    To end it effectively, salutations such as “Yours Faithfully” are recommended. Here is a perfect example of an acceptance letter for university.

    University Acceptance Letter Format

    Peter Jefferson
    123, Main Street
    238-780, New York City, NY
    34(345) 4567

    23rd May 2012

    The Dean of Students
    Great Hill University
    458-565, New York City, NY

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is with great pleasure that I write to you about my admission at Great Hill University, for a degree in Human Resource. I am well aware how limited the chances are and I truly thank you for considering me for the position.

    This is with no doubt a stepping stone for my career. I believe that my dreams will come true at the end of the course. I have read the attached forms and I agree with all the listed rules, terms and conditions. I will make sure that all the rules are observed at all times.

    I once again thank you for the consideration and I look forward to attend the program come next semester.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Peter Jefferson

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