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Event Invitation Letter Template

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    There are two types of event invitation letters – business and friendly ones. We usually use them to invite people to different occasions like a birthday, dinner, slumber party and others but sometimes when their purpose is business, we send them to clients as a formal way to invite them to some formal ceremonies.

    You should use suitable tone according to the receiver of the letter.

    Business Invitation letter

    The tone should be formal in business invitation letter writing. As an introduction, you may introduce yourself and the company you represent. In the body you have to mention more details about the event as well as some information about the place and time it will be held.

    Don’t forget to mention if there are any special requirements about the dress code or items, which guests need to bring with them. Again, show your appreciation about the guest’s attendance and finish the letter with your personal signature.

    Friendly Invitation letter

    The content of this letter is close to this of a business one but it has less formal information. You may include some memories so that the person reading it recalls something pleasant from the past.

    No matter what type of invitation you send, be careful with your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    Sample Event Invitation Letter

    Dear (Name),

    I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to the birthday of my precious Mary. This is her first birthday so we want to share this special day with our dearest and closest friends.

    As you know pretty well, you are one of them so our whole family will be more than happy if you manage to join our celebration.

    The event will take place at our house on the sixth of February at five in the afternoon.

    We all hope you will be able to come.

    Yours Sincerely,

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