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Credit Card Cancellation Letter

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    Every penny you spend with a credit card will increases on your indebtedness. You can decide to leave without a credit card or even cut on the number of credit cards you own.

    Locking up a credit card will not stop you from paying subscription and interest fees. You have to take a further step and close the account by writing a credit card cancellation letter.

    A credit card cancellation letter is addressed to the credit card company requesting for the closure of your account. Include your address and account number as indicated on the credit card.

    Write the letter in a friendly tone justifying the cause of your action. The same letter can act as a reference to prove to credit rating agencies that you and not the issuing company canceled the credit card.

    It is also important that you settle any outstanding fees on the credit card before issuing a cancellation letter to avoid future squabbles.

    The following is a sample of a credit card cancellation letter issued to a credit card issuing company:

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    Following good returns on my business transactions, I would like to cancel my credit card until further notice.

    Your company has done a wonderful job to see me through the hard moments am very grateful for your services.

    My credit card number is (state the number on the credit card) in the names of (state the names indicated on the credit card). I also request you to update me with a statement of account to enable me clear any outstanding debts.

    I will be very grateful when my request is considered as a matter of urgency.

    Yours Faithfully,
    (State your name and title)

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