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Cover Letter Writing For Resume

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    A cover letter for resume is like the cover of the book. It draws the reader in to make them want to read more, the content that the author wants them to read.

    The cover letter for resume available positions should not rehash all of the content of the resume. If the cover letter is more than two or three sentences, it will get tossed like the five page resumes managers decide not to read.

    Cover letters must state the position title, and the job posting number should be included if one was given. Place your contact information near the bottom of the cover letter, either in the final two sentences or with your signature.

    Unlike most business correspondence, cover letters don’t need to be dated, though you can mention the date the job was posted in the cover letter body.

    Some cover letters use a side by side comparison of the job requirements to the applicant’s experience. This tends to work well when there is a long list of job requirements, such that the comparison of requirements to the applicant’s skills causes the cover letter to stand out.

    Another version of this approach is to list the company’s needs like “independent self starter” and “software X” and “experience in industry Y” next to one or two bullets describing how the applicant fits that bill.

    Avoid salary information, references to your age or any adverse information in the cover letter. Ensure that the cover letter’s grammar and spelling are perfect; any flaws in the cover letter will lead to the resume landing in the shredder.

    Sample Cover Letter For Resume

    Contact Name
    Company Name
    Company Address

    Dear (contact name),

    In response to the job posting on (website name), please consider my resume in your search for a new (job title).

    With my background in (industry name), I feel well qualified for the position that was posted. I am currently working in Industry and (describe job duties).

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss my expertise and how it can benefit (company name).

    My resume is attached to this email to further outline my experience and the skills I can bring to your company.


    Your Name
    Your Signature

    Your Contact Information

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