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Condolence To Colleague Letter Template

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    A letter of condolence to a coworker or colleague is written to show that you are very much part of his or her sadness and sorrows in the difficult phase in which your colleague is currently undergoing. To write a proper condolence letter to a colleague, certain etiquette has to be followed.

    First of all collect all the required details to dash off a condolence letter aptly. Make sure that you are aware of your colleague’s departed relative. Before drafting the letter, thoroughly think whether you have met the departed soul or not. If met, do mention any of the tender memory of the deceased registered in your mind.

    And if you have not met the departed soul, try to include the lines about him or her nonetheless in a loving manner. Mention in your sympathy letter that how did you learns about the death of your colleague’s relative. Reveal your feelings which occurred after learning about the loss of your coworker’s relative.

    Let your coworker know that you are equally sad in this difficult and sorrowful time being experienced by him or her. Expressing this feeling of yours will make your condolence letter more touching and personal.

    Reveal it to your colleague that you really feel sorry for his or her relative’s death. You may add the lines such as “I really cannot figure out your present condition. It must be a big loss for you.”

    Revealing your feelings will convey to your colleague that you really are sympathetic and aware of his or her sad condition. Extend your support in this difficult time to your coworker. Conclude the letter by showing your genuine emotions and saying that time is a good healer of pain.

    Sample Condolence Letter To A Colleague

    Date: Thursday, January 26th, 2012

    Harris John
    1025 Second Street
    Room No. 125
    Luxury Apartments, Bloomsbury
    London, UK.

    Dear Harris John,

    I got extremely sad to learn about the death of your uncle. He was such a nice and jolly man. I still remember the golden memories when I bumped into him at your residence.

    It is undoubtedly a bid loss to you and your family. I am equally sad and can sense your sadness and current state of mind.

    If I am of any help, please let me know. Since it is a colossal loss but by the passage of time, your pain will be healed.

    Bill Jones

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