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Condolence On Death Letter Template

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    Looking for template and guide to condolence on death letter? While driving down the road, when we see a funeral procession, at least for a few seconds we think about the departed and say a silent prayer in our mind.

    Even for a stranger if our mind can say a prayer, think about the grief one will have when a relative of a colleague or friend passes away. Condolence to them in the right way is very important to cut their grief than increasing that with the wrong ones.

    Ideally an immediate telephone call to express your condolence followed by a letter is the usual pattern of communication related to death. Sending the condolence letter within a week of the news reaching you will be fine.

    While choosing stationery, it is okay to write in your own letter pad. But avoid fancy letter pads with borders and flowers in them as the occasion calls for simplicity.

    A condolence letter will always have a personal touch than official undertones. Let us look into the sample condolence letter as below.

    Sample Condolence On Death Letter

    Dear (Name),

    With profound grief I learned about the sad demise of your (relation) Mr./Mrs. (name) after a brief illness at (name of the hospital) on (date). I pray to the almighty to give you the strength and courage to pass this difficult but unavoidable phase in life.

    I had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Mr./Mrs. (name) during my visit to your city. From the depth of my heart let me express my sympathies to the wife/husband of Mr./Mrs. (name).

    Do not hesitate even for a moment if you need any help from my side. I have given below the contact details. Once again let me express my profound grief at the loss of yours.

    With warmest regards,

    Mobile phone number
    Office telephone
    Residence telephone
    Email address

    When somebody receives the condolence letter, it is customary that letter is replied with thanks for the person for expressing his grief and sympathies which helped to pass the difficult times.

    There is no time stipulation for the reply, because it is expected that the reply will be late as the person receiving the condolence letter will be in grief.

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