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Complaint Letter To Landlord

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    How to write a complaint letter to landlord? People generally face problems while residing in apartments on rental basis. They need to bring these problems in eyes of their landlord.

    Best way to bring these issues in eyes of your landlord is by writing a complaint letter. According to rental agreement, landlord will take care of issues such as repair issues and other similar issues.

    Language used in the letter must be formal which can be used as legal tool in the future. Don’t go straight away to the problems and appraise the fact that you liked the apartment and had wonderful stay in the past.

    Landlord need to pay from his own pocket, so these words will surely help your cause. The following is the sample complain letter which will help you to convey problems faced by you to your landlord. You may want to write lease termination letter if there’s no action taken by landlord.

    Example Of Complaint Letter To Landlord

    Rahul Singh
    61, Delhi Peaks,
    Captain James Road,
    500010, London,
    United Kingdom.

    4th Feb 2012

    Duncan Fletcher
    905, Delhi Peaks,
    Captain James Road,
    500010, London,
    United Kingdom.

    Sub: Leakage of all water taps in the apartment.

    Dear Mr. Fletcher,

    I, Rahul Singh, am your tenant of apartment Number 61. I have paid a rent amount of $500 each month from 8th of July, 2011. Your apartment is very comfortable and enjoyed my stay so far.

    But a tiny problem has arisen affecting my comfortable stay in your apartment. The water taps is not functioning properly and is leaking. First time I faced this problem in the month of February 2012.

    I tried to solve the issue with plumber but according to plumber it is a major issue. According to rental agreement any major issue will be financed by landlord of the apartment.

    I have been on good terms with you as a tenant and paid rent on time. Therefore, I decided to bring this issue in front of you. I hope that you would overcome this issue as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Rahul Singh

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