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Sample Complaint Letter For Poor Service

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    Looking for how to write a complaint letter for poor service? Complaining is an easy thing to do. But did you know that it is not always productive? Well, complaining using rude remarks may only get you more frustrated. It is important to approach the given situation strategically.

    Though bad services can prove to be mood spoilers, you need to maintain your calm. One good way is writing a letter of complaint when poor services are offered to you.

    A complaint letter for poor services is primarily written by clients who were not satisfied with a particular service that was given to them a by a given company. A certain format should be used while writing the letter to give it the formal look.

    Some steps should also be followed if one has any intentions of getting compensation for such poor services. First, one needs to include their contacts details for them to be contacted if need be.

    The letter should be formally addressed to the relevant bodies followed by salutations such as “Dear Sir” The subject follows closely and then the body. Here is a good example of such a letter.

    Complaint Letter Template For Poor Service

    Jane Adams
    324, Standard Street
    1238, New York City, New York

    13th January 2012

    Evans Hamilton
    Executive Manager
    Great Mart Pvt. Ltd.
    863, Main Street,
    1423, New York City, New York

    Dear Mr. Hamilton,

    I have been a faithful customer for the past three years. I have always received great service for all the time I have shopped at this place.

    However, I was in for a rude awakening yesterday at the shopping joint. The cashier who was in operation yesterday at 5 pm with the tag Mercy was quite unethical.

    She took her sweet time talking to someone on her cell phone as the queue continued getting longer. The intervention of the security guard at the exit did not help resolve the situation.

    She continued talking on phone for close to ten minutes. This behavior is quite inappropriate and I would really appreciate if this kind of behavior was put to end.

    Your grocery store has always been reputed for good and quality products, this kind of behavior can easily tarnish your good name therefore it should be looked into with immediate effect. Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,

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