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Complaint Letter For Credit Card Charges

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    Billing errors are some of the most common setbacks as far as the credit card charges are in question. When one is overcharged, the best way to go about correcting the situation is writing a complaint letter for credit card charges.

    It is pretty much easy to write a letter given that the format is like the common format used in writing official business letters. To give this letter a professional look, it should be typed and not being handwritten.

    A perfect letter should have a polite beginning as well as ending. It goes a mile ahead to state the predicament, the facts, the exact thing that you need and the date that you want it done. It should be concise and correctly formatted to add-on its professional look.

    Always keep in mind that though you may be angry, the aggression and the anger should never ever feature in the tone used to write the letter. Always make sure you stay calm and cool.

    Being polite and soft will give you the added advantage of having the matter resolved more quickly. Here is a sample of a complaint letter for credit charges to help you handle the situation tactfully.

    Complaint Letter Template For Credit Card Charges

    Kelvin Crook
    123, Avenue Street
    6785, New York City, NY
    Account number: 84454246453

    20th March 2012

    Michael Jones
    Executive Operations Manager
    NY Bank
    351 Avenue Park Boulevard,
    Endicott, NY

    Dear Sir,

    The main reason I am writing to you is to dispute on the charge of my bill statement amount $93. The total amount for the December 2 purchase at the Jack & Jill Shopping store amounted to $50.

    I ask you to credit my account for $43 plus all the other related finance charges and send me an exact statement.

    Enclosed to this letter is a photocopy of the charge slip from the Jack & Jill shopping store. Thank you

    Yours Sincerely,
    Kelvin Crook

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