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How To Write College Admission Appeal Letter

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    When you apply for college admission, your application may be rejected. However, you might feel that there was no fair basis for this rejection. In that case, you can write an appeal letter for college admission. Nevertheless, make sure that you have legitimate reasons for appealing.

    Share your feelings

    Let the reader know how you felt after receiving news that your application has been rejected. Show them the expectations you had when applying for admission.

    Evaluate reasons for the rejection

    Let the reader see that you are not dismissing the reason for your rejection without thinking about them. Show them that you understand the reason they made the decision to reject your application for admission.

    Defend your point

    Tell the reader why they should reverse their earlier decision. At this stage, you must have convincing reasons to make them reverse the rejection.


    Give your reader ideas on what should be done. Make sure that you convince the reader to re-consider their decision and admit you in the college.

    College Admission Appeal Letter Template

    Lewis John
    8679, Gold Street,
    New York, USA.

    Tower College
    1245, Main Street,
    New York, USA.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: College Admission Appeal

    As I write this letter, I am not surprised after the rejection letter that I received recently. This is because when I applied for admission, I had low scores in mathematics for last year’s exam. However, I latter sat for a SAT exam in which I improved my scores.

    These new scores have been sent by the board to the institution. I am aware that Towers college do not like appeals from applicants but I hope you will kindly consider mine.

    I understand and respect the decision you made. However, I request that you re-open files afresh to consider the new information.

    I am a determined person who believes in achieving the best in everything I set to undertake. Kindly admit me and you will not regret your decision.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Lewis John

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