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Business Proposal Acceptance Letter Writing

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    Looking for business proposal acceptance letter? In the business world, proposals can either be rejected or accepted. One should hence make sure that the kind of proposal they give is cost-effective and comprehensive enough, for it to have an edge over other proposals.

    When it is accepted, the company is expected to formally inform you about the acceptance by sending you a business proposal acceptance letter.

    The letter should be perfectly written. This means that it should be kept brief, impressive and concise. It should be formatted correctly with clear and readable fonts.

    The letter should also be sent as soon as the proposal is accepted. Here is a sample business proposal acceptance letter to guide you when writing one.

    Business Proposal Acceptance Letter Format

    Mathew Thompson
    Executive Marketing Manager
    Lesotho High Associate Corporation
    870 North East Street,
    Sherman, TX, USA
    Zip Code – 123090
    Contact Number – (709) 327 2358

    4th May 2012

    Jeff Alvis
    Business Coordinator
    Riley Drainage Systems
    3601 Steinbeck Bend Drive,

    Waco, TX, USA

    Dear Mr. Alvis,

    This letter is written on behalf of the Lesotho High Associate Corporation. I wish to let you know that your proposal delivered on 3rd march 2012 has been accepted.

    We appreciated the proposal from your company was the most comprehensive and affordable. We hope to work with you on this proposal but before that, we require some few clarifications from you.

    We hence request you to provide us a catalogue as well as the endorsements of all your products for us to get a clear understanding about techniques for packaging the most effective way. For any queries, feel free to contact us with the above addresses and contacts.

    We look forward to a great working relationship with you. We thank you for your time and wish you the best on behalf of our esteemed staff. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mathew Thompson

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