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Business Invitation Letter Template

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    Looking for guide and template for business invitation letter? When you want to invite business associates to a function, meeting or event, the letter has to be written with a much more professional tendency and approach.

    It should not be personal but must be specific and straight to the point. There are a number of templates that can help you come up with a proper invitation letters to business associates.

    A business invitation letter template is an already formatted document that makes it easier to get started when you want to write a business invitation letter.

    To begin with, the greetings should include the name of the person you are inviting even if you do not have physical knowledge of the person.

    Keep the invitation brief but the sentences should be a little exciting to attract the attention of the invitee. The letter should include the date, purpose of the meeting, venue and dress code if possible. Below is a sample of a business invitation letter.

    Sample Business Invitation Letter

    (Your Address)


    (Invitee name)
    (Invitee address)

    Dear (Invitee name),


    Allow me to extend an invitation to you in person for a business event through which your will receive updates of our latest state of the art technologies that will improve the efficiency of your factory and lower the costs of production. The event will start on (mention date and time) and stop on (mention date and time).

    The meeting is intended for all clients and you will be able to interact with fellow industrialists from fifty countries. We suggest a black suits and a tie of your choice for the dress code.

    You will also be required to attend with your company’s secretary for proper recording.

    Your presence will be received with much honor and applause. We are waiting for your positive response about the same.

    Yours Sincerely,
    (Your name)
    (Your position and signature)

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