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Business Appreciation Letter Template

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    A business appreciation letter template is designed to help the sender get started fast. It is written to thank the recipient for having done good business with the sender.

    Business appreciation letters can be sent by business managers to suppliers, clients, employees, managers, technical staff, and networking contacts. Part of the text is already designed in the template and senders will only have to fill in the missing phrases and sentences.

    When writing a business thank you letter, the gist should be centered on such phrases like ‘Thank you’ or ‘Thank you for doing business with us’ or ‘It was nice doing business with you’. To get the ball rolling, the letter should have a friendly tone and make mention of the names and address of the recipient.

    When properly written, a business appreciation letter is a motivation to persons helping the business to grow. Recipients will be encouraged by such recognition and will be compelled to work harder for the business growth.

    If it is a supplier, mention about the quality, whether it is satisfactory or requires some area of improvement. Below is a sample of a business appreciation letter for your modification.

    How To Write A Business Appreciation Letter

    (Business name)
    (Business address)


    (Recipient name)
    (Recipient address)

    Dear (Recipient name),

    Thank you for supplying our firm with quality organic cotton T-Shirts. Throughout the year, we received orders on time and without any defects. This is a much more improvement from the previous year.

    You have brought pride to our stores as the leading suppliers of quality organic fabrics.

    We wish to inform you that there is enough trust built around our business relationship and management has decided to request you to double the supply of T-Shirts but make sure the quality is not compromised.

    We wish you good business throughout the New Year.

    Yours Sincerely,


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