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Birthday Party Invitation Letter Template

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    A birthday party invitation letter is a written document that aims at inviting particular guests to a birthday party. When writing this letter, there is a specific format that should be followed.

    Since this is a lively event, your letter should sound the same. It should attract the attention of the readers and make them wish to attend this party.


    First, you need to write the address of the invited guest. This is followed by the date and subject of the letter. Always make sure that your letter has a catchy subject to attract the readers.


    It is very important to greet the readers at this section of your letter. Let them know that you are glad to invite them to that particular party. This will make them feel welcomed even before they get further details about the party. At this section, also include the date and time of the event.

    Inner details

    Here, you need to give more details about how the event will be carried out. If you wish your guests to dress in a specific manner, then use this section to explain this point.

    Generally, this is the section where you are supposed to show all the details about this party and what the visitors should expect.


    As you close your letter, make it very clear to the readers that you are looking forward to their attendance. This will give them the courage to attend the event.

    Sample Birthday Party Invitation Letter

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Highbury, 39759

    23rd July 2012

    Subject: Invitation For The Birthday Celebration Of Our Son

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

    Greetings! We are glad to invite you to our son’s birthday party which will be held on 29 July 2012 in our residence, from midday.

    We have hired a private hall at the city center for a post party drinks session. We would like you to turn up on time and enjoy this gleeful day together with our family.

    We have reserved special drinks for our guests and you are one of them. The program schedule will be sent to you via email two days before the party day.

    We are looking forward to your attendance as we celebrate this lovely day together.

    Thanks in advance.

    Your Sincerely,
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne

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