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Bank Account Opening Letter Template

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    Looking for guide and template to write bank account opening letter? A communication with the proper words to make the recipient understand the message you want to convey through a letter is very important to get an appropriate and early response from the recipient.

    Consider the situation where in you are in a new town because of move or transfer. You need a bank account to be opened in a prominent bank in the region.

    A bank account opening letter with the necessary documents should be presented for opening the account at the local branch of the bank.

    Opening a bank account calls for some document proof from you like an introduction from an account holder in the bank, proof of identity like your passport or identification card and photo (passport size).

    Arrange them to have a copy of these when you plan a visit to the bank in which you want to open an account. You may refer the sample bank account opening letter as below and feel free to change based on your needs.

    Sample Bank Account Opening Letter

    (Sender Name)
    (Sender Title/Position)
    (Company Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)


    The Manager,
    (Bank Name)
    (Branch Name)
    (Bank Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub: Opening A Savings Bank Account In This Branch.

    This is to request you to open a savings bank account in this branch under my name. I am recently relocated to this city and is employed with (company name) as (position title).

    Herewith I have enclosed the introduction letter from my employer and the application duly filled in. Also attached below are my passport size photo and photocopy of my passport for proof of identity.

    I would like to have an ATM card for savings account. The account will be individually operated by me. Kindly do the needful to open a savings bank account under my name, (full name).

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Faithfully,



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