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Letter Of Appreciation To Teacher

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    Looking for guide and template for appreciation letter to teacher? There is no doubt that everybody has at least one teacher who managed to influence his or her life.

    You may buy something and give it to the person who changed your entire views for life but there is nothing more powerful than a hand-written letter of appreciation. Such letters are usually written by parents.

    However, teachers work and live with the aim that their students love them so nothing can make a teacher happier than a thankful letter personally written by a student.

    Before starting your letter you need to think carefully about what exactly you want to thank. Mention the problems you used to have and how much has your behavior changed during the years spend with this teacher.

    In most of the cases teachers help students decide what to do with their future by telling them about extra classes, interests, hobbies, sports and so on. If it is so in your case do not forget to mention it when writing. In the end, you have to wish your teacher something good for his or her future.

    Appreciation Letter Template

    Dear Mrs. Thompson,

    I am writing this letter because I want to thank you and tell you I appreciate all the efforts you exerted to form my character.

    I admit that without your support I would not be able to graduate this year. I thought my health problems will prevent me from taking my classes but with your help tomorrow I am going to the prom.

    I realize I caused you lots of troubles with my changing moods but you need to know that I followed your advice and I am now a goal-keeper of the school’s football team.

    Thank you again for everything you did and wish you all the best for your plans.

    Yours Sincerely,


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