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Letter Of Appreciation To Employee

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    Looking for guide and template for employee appreciation letter? Employee motivation is one of the fundamentals of business management that every manager or business owner should come to terms with.

    A business is good if the reorganizes the effort of the workers to contribute to its success. There are so many ways through which a business owner could motivate an employee. A two worded sentence ‘thank you’ will make an employee feel so good about the business and desire to work for its success.

    Some employers motivate workers by giving out gifts, bonuses or small tokens of appreciation. But if your business is operating under a small budget, it would make sense if you sent a letter of appreciation to employee. If possible, it should be handwritten.

    When writing a letter of appreciation to employee, emphasis should lay on the positive aspects even when the employee has known short comings. Do not mention how the employee is quarrelsome or uncooperative with fellow employees.

    Do not remind him of losses incurred due to negligence or poor workmanship. A letter of appreciation to employee must not aim at blaming but rather to praise the positive aspects that will motivate an employee into feeling as part of the business. Below is a sample letter of appreciation to employee.

    Employee Appreciation Letter Template

    (Employer’s name)
    (Employer’s address)


    Dear (Employee’s name),

    Allow me to appreciate your tireless contribution to the company’s growth. Over a time, I have realized how hard-working you are and please keep it up.

    Because of your effort and ability to work with the rest of the team, the company has seen tremendous growth from selling fifty cars each year to owning a car assembly plant.

    I have a lot of trust on you that if you keep up with the spirit, we shall reach our goal of manufacturing cars.

    Let me wish you a happy stay.

    Yours Sincerely,

    (Employer’s Name)
    (Employer’s Title)

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