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Letter Of Appreciation To Customer

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    What should be included in a letter of appreciation to customers, clients and stores that stock your product? Include an honest expression of appreciation. Mention one or two products or services they currently purchase.

    If they are one of your highest volume customers or have given your company a high satisfaction rating in customer surveys, mention this in the letter of appreciation. Include free samples of your product or coupons in the letter of appreciation if possible.

    What should not be included in a letter of appreciation to customer firms? Avoid sending gifts over $25 in value with a letter of appreciation to purchasers, buyers or those who make the decision to buy your products.

    This is the legal threshold for bribery in some jurisdictions. The only exception would be gift baskets of consumables sent to a customer’s place of business that can be shared among team members. Never send cash, gift cards or event tickets with a letter of appreciation. This is legally a bribe. Don’t make the letter to long. Short and simple is better than verbose letters.

    You can include brochures to customers in a letter of appreciation if the customer has expressed interest in or is a prime candidate for the next version of your product. However, it is considered tacky to send a letter of appreciation for their business and then send a large volume of solicitations or catalogs.

    Below is an example letter of appreciation to customer or consumer businesses.

    Example Of Appreciation Letter To Customer #1

    Dear Ms. Lang,

    We have enjoyed doing business with you this past year. We hope that your business is thriving in this down economy, and we are pleased that you’ve helped us stay in business.

    As a small token of appreciation for your business this past year, please enjoy the dried fruit basket sent with the letter of appreciation.

    If you would like to discuss your satisfaction with prior orders or want to see our catalog for next year, call me personally at 123-456-7890.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Lee Marsden
    Customer Sales Lead of XYZ Inc.

    Example Of Appreciation Letter To Customer #2

    Dear Mr. Owoh,

    We appreciate the business you’ve given us this past year. We’ve included a coupon for 20% off your next order as a show of our appreciation for our long-standing business relationship. Thank you for doing business with us and let us know how else we can be of service.

    Yours Sincerely,

    James Ewoldson
    Sales Manager for XYZ Inc.

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