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Appeal Letter For Visa Application

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    An appeal letter for visa application is written by an applicant who has been denied a visa after sending in their application. Anyone who has been denied a visa is entitled to the right of appeal. Please adhere to the following format in writing this letter.

    Application reference

    Tell the reader the application that you are referring to the letter that was rejected by which you are writing the appeal.

    State facts

    Give the reader facts that make you feel that the decision to reject your letter was not fair. Try to let them get your point in a clear manner by giving evidence for your argument.

    Be optimistic

    Express your optimism that you have convinced the authorities to reconsider their decision to reject your application. Let the reader also see your coöperation and readiness to make sure that all goes well.

    Example Of Appeal Letter For Visa Application

    Martin Johnson
    4563, Great Team Lane,

    The Chairman,
    Immigration Authorities,
    Visa Award Department,
    346, King John Streets,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    REF: Appeal Letter For Visa Application

    I am writing about the denial letter for my visa application that I received recently. While I appreciate that is did not meet the criteria required, I appeal against the decision to deny me application for a visa on the basis of certain facts. Consider these facts (give facts that you feel should be considered in reversing the decision made earlier)

    I hope that after considering these facts, you will find my application more acceptable. I am also available any time you may need clarification while revising your earlier decision.

    I will be glad if you re-consider my application and change your earlier decision and help me get the facility I am applying for or even an alternative that may consider suitable for me.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Martin Johns

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