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Appeal Letter For Deadline Extension

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    Due to some unavoidable reasons, you may be unable to pay bills or pay for goods or services promptly. In that case, you have to communicate with the persons you owe letting them know that you are aware of it. An appeal letter for deadline extension is a humble request that you make to the persons you owe urging them to extend the deadline for you to make payment.

    Acknowledge your failure

    Start by acknowledging that you have made a mistake by not honoring the agreed payment date.

    Express your situation

    Explain your reason for not having paid the bills as per the agreement. Let the reader see that you are not doing it out of negligence. Try also to be apologetic in your writing.


    Show appreciation for what the lender has done for you. Let them see that you like their services and you wish to maintain your good working relationship.

    Sample Appeal Letter For Deadline Extension

    Kim Stores
    756, Monrovia Street,
    Washington DC,

    The Manager,
    Great Land Real Estates,
    6740, Monrovia Street,
    Washington DC,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: Appeal for deadline extension

    We have not made our April rent payment amounting to $700. Our company has had financial hitches over the recent past. We have tried to make our monthly payments but without success.

    We hereby apologize for the payment delay and request that you kindly extend the deadline until (state the date) when we will be able to pay the due amount. Once again we apologize and request you to bear with us during these difficult moments.

    We appreciate the support that you have always given us. We will do all that we can to sustain this working relationship.

    Please wait for our mail to get to you as soon as we manage to get the money. Thank you in advance.

    Yours Faithfully,
    (Name and position held in the company)

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