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How To Write An Apology Letter For Delivery Delay

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    Looking for how to write an apology letter? If any product experiences delay in delivery, the recipient will be affected in several ways. In case the goods were for sale, the recipient will have lost revenue that would have been generated over the period of delay.

    However, it is understandable that in certain situations delivery can be delayed due to various factors. The best way to go about delayed delivery of products that have been ordered and even paid for is to write and send an apology letter for delivery delay to the recipient.

    When writing the letter, you have to identify yourself properly including your contact information. Be polite throughout the letter and make the reader understand why the delivery has been delayed.

    You will also need to give the reader a suggestion on what you think can be done to cover up for the inconvenience caused. Besides, also give the reader an assurance that the same will never happen again. Below is an example of how you need to write the letter.

    Example Of Apology Letter For Delivery Delay

    John Hopkins
    Fast Track Transport
    346878 Main Street
    New York City, NY

    27th, April 2012

    Chris Kaine
    234789 Gold Street
    New York City, NY

    I hereby write this letter in regard to the delay of goods that were supposed to be delivered to you on 25th April 2012 at 11p.m. We are foremost very sorry for any inconvenience that you were subjected to.

    The delay occurred because the truck that was assigned to transport the goods had an accident just a few hours to the time when it was to pick the goods and so we had to reschedule the delivery to another truck that was not available at the moment.

    Due to this, we had to wait for another truck to deliver the goods. However, for the inconvenience caused, our company is willing to pay you 15% of the cost of delivery. We kindly ask you to send to us your account details so that we can deposit the money or let us know how you expect to get the refund.

    We hope to hear from you and urge you to keep working with us since we have created proper measures to make sure that such a scenario will never occur.

    Yours Sincerely,
    John Hopkins

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