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Apartment Lease Renewal Letter Template

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    Looking for guide and template for apartment lease renewal letter? An apartment lease extension is legally binding provided the landlord assents to a drawn out period that differs from the one originally agreed upon.

    Many tenants spend large sums of money paying for the legal services to lawyers to come up with legally binding apartment lease renewal letters. However, a tenant may make great saves if he or she contemplates using an apartment lease renewal letter template.

    When you use an apartment lease renewal letter template, it simplifies the work and makes it easy to get the task finished. Letter template can be outsourced online or purchased from various letter writers.

    But this article will give you an exact sample that will entice the landlord into accepting your request. One of the most important aspects of writing a letter to request for an extension of a lease period is to emphasize the need to prolong your stay.

    This has to be done with such convincing terms acceptable to the landlord. If it is the tenant who approached the landlord for a lease extension it will give the landlord an upper hand during the negotiation process and the reverse is true. The following is a sample of an apartment lease renewal letter.

    Example Of Apartment Lease Renewal Letter

    (Name of Tenant)
    (Address of Tenant)


    (Name of Landlord)
    (Address of Landlord)

    Dear (Landlord Name),


    Subsequent to the expiry of the agreement signed two years ago, I would like to request for an extended stay in the apartments. Not only has the clear view to the sea made the apartments my best place to stay, but I have also enjoyed the smiling people of the neighborhood.

    I further wish to state that you are the best person to do business with, and it will be unwise if I left to another place. My wife and I feel that we have a lot to enjoy if we stayed.

    We shall be waiting for a positive response from your side. Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,


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