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Sample Acceptance Letter For Employment

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    When you get a job offer, it is imperative write an acceptance letter for employment. This is a formal letter confirming all details of your employment and that you formally accept an opportunity given to you to be part of the organization.

    When writing the letter, it is very important to show appreciation for the offer. Note that there are many people out there who are always looking for a job. Therefore when given an opportunity, it is vital to prove to your boss that you appreciate.

    Use professional language in your writing and a polite tone. The letter should be free of typo, grammar and spelling errors. This is because a letter speaks volumes about you. Be positive in your response to create a first positive impression in the eyes of your employer.

    This step helps to reinforce your professional approach towards your employer. The letter also enables you to state a few things that you expect out your job including your job title, salary, benefits and immediate boss or supervisor.

    More importantly, keep your letter upbeat, brief and professional and address the right person.

    Employment Acceptance Letter Format

    John Deer
    Short Hills 07078
    New Jersey, NJ

    12th May 2012

    Mrs. Hellish Brown
    Green Corp Inc
    Madison Avenue
    New York, NY

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am humbled by the position given to me at Green Corp Inc as a Public Relations officer, under Mr. Mathew Smith. It is my pleasure to confirm that I have the ability to meet the outlined goals in your company.

    I believe this is an excellent opportunity for me to work for the benefit of the organization and an opportunity for me to grow professionally. As we discussed on phone, my medical benefits, salary and allowances will commence 30 days of my employment in your organization.

    Thank you once again for offering this opportunity. I believe we will have the best professional moments and work together as a team. I hope to keep up a long-time working relationship with you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    John Deer

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